(noun) Taking a poo on one side of the toilet seat, facing the wall. On a 90 degree angle from the regular pooping position (RPP). Usually in desperation, due to skid marks or pubes on either side of the toilet seat.
"I was forced to use the side door because there was shit stains on the front of the toilet seat."
- Joe-fizzle
by ly ly and joe-fizzle October 15, 2008
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to discretely exit a social situation, leaving the remaining participants confused as to your wherebouts.
man, where the hell is dave? he must have pulled a side door.
yeah man, the guy's girlfriend was stressing me out so i side doored.
by lewmoz October 26, 2007
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Using one awesome thing you've done as a way to explain something else awesome you've done, sneaking a second brag in through the side door.
Douche: "This party is the most fun I've had since that time we were in Jamaica.

Friend: "Hey, we get it, you went to Jamaica; stop side-door bragging about it."
by Cecilemagne April 9, 2011
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A close friend who feels comfortable coming into your house via the side door, probably off the kitchen. You, too, are comfortable with this friend entering your house through the side door. A side-door friend is probably one of your best friends. Conversely, front-door friends are those acquaintances you are not all that close/comfortable with.
Marcia and me hang out constantly. She is totes a side-door friend.
by TeacheRama August 16, 2007
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While hooking up in a parking lot, when the man is ready to cum, he opens the back door and shoots his load all over the pavement.
Hey Kara, i think im about to blow, where should i do this?

Fuck it Dan, side door ejection that shit!
by Global friends September 1, 2018
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When someone leaves their colostomy opening exposed allowing for sexual penetration in lieu of sodomy, due to the rerouting of the anus.
I wasn't feeling frisky but I left the side door open just in case.
by All Bets Hedged January 6, 2021
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When someone uses a friend to connect to another
Brandon's girlfriend got my number off his phone and tried to side door me for information about where he was last night.
by Rodneylr July 7, 2016
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