When you send a dick-pic or nudie to your sibling and/or first cousin(s)
Intext is legal in South Carolina, if you are over 18.

The picture of my genitals intended for my girlfriend wound up on my sisters phone; check your friend before you send, intext is a bitch.
by Kip Drordy April 14, 2014
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Describes people who drive while sending text messages on their phones.
"Dude, what was THAT?!"
"Probably just some intexticated highschooler."

"How did she get in a car accident?"
"She was intexticated."
by Courtney Terry May 24, 2007
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The police pulled over Susie because they had suspicion she was intexticated.
by LeviLover March 8, 2009
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A state in which someone attempts to walk and compose a text message at the same time. Lack of attention paid to the walking portion causes stumbling, loss of direction, and pedestrian collisions.
John was so intexticated that he didn't see where he was going, and slammed right into his boss.
by Industries February 15, 2008
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Describes the act of someone losing their social behavior due to being entranced by a mobile device.
With the rise of smart phones, it seems that everyone - whether they're walking down the street, sitting in a restaurant, or even hanging with friends - has become intexticated with their mobile device… they don't even notice what's around them anymore.
by Dolfi August 28, 2014
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Derives from "insensible."

When someone pulls out their cell phone and completely ignores you while you're talking.
Todd: "I have a truly heartwarming story for you, Drew. I was saving small children from a massive wreck on highway I sixty-four and-"

Drew: "Hold on. This fruit gusher had more filling in it than usual. Let me text Kate and tell her."

Todd: "What an intextible son of a bitch!"
by bubastis March 6, 2010
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"Dude, your level of intextication was AMAZING last night! I could barely understand half of the messages you sent me!"
by Mad Ange September 15, 2008
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