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The Intersect is a government super-computer. It holds all of the government secrets. The Intersect was downloaded into Chuck Bartowski's brain when CIA agent Bryce Larkin steals it, then sends it to him via email. With the Intersect in his head, Chuck can "flash" on all of the information when he sees or hears something that is recorded in the program. With the Intersect, Chuck becomes a major help for the CIA and NSA and receives a CIA handler, Sarah Walker, and a NSA handler, John Casey.
In the last episode of season two, Chuck downloads the Intersect 2.0 and is then able to flash on martial arts, foreign languages, how to properly use weapons, etc., etc.. Once Chuck has the Intersect 2.0, he later becomes an actual CIA agent.
Chuck: "Why do I always have to wait in the car?"
Sarah: "The Intersect has to be safe, Chuck."
by sadbadandutterlyrad June 06, 2015
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