A conversational stopgap measure or oratorical place holder that fills in for witty, biting reparte until a classier and to the point, cutting remark suitable to the occasion can be thought of hours later.
....yeah, well....uh...fuck you too.
by harry flashman July 3, 2003
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a natural response to someone who is screwing you over and pretending they're not. This lets them know that you're onto their BS and you're not playing.
When the teacher said "School isn't a democracy. You don't have any rights." the student replied "Fuck you too!"
by fractalzen September 25, 2019
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a severe mortal blow to a retreating opponent. used in the final stages of an argument and is the best and only known counter to hey fuck you! this comeback verbally destroys the opposition and gives your opponent the option to walk away or waive that option by declaring a physical war and opening with a shove.
Todd: hey, fuck you! Eddie: fuck you too! .... (brief silence and Todd walks away) yeah, that's what I thought. pussy!
by Pimp in the Box February 18, 2009
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Expression commonly used immediately after a gigantic monster growls before attempting to kill you.

The phrase should only be used if you are in possesion of a large weapon of suffcient power to exterminate the creature in question.
(Thing roars and screams)

MacReady: Yeah, fuck you too!

(Dyanmite explodes, killing the creature)

by Charles Saucedoom. February 6, 2008
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used as an insult towards someone else, merely thr first 3 parts are purely cosmetic
A: b your a douche
B: fuck stan lee, fuck the xmen, fuck marvel, and fuck you too!!!!
by Logan-943 May 17, 2009
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