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CISV is a life changing, invigorating experience filled with life long friendships, happy memories, tingling sensations whenever you encounter these friends in your life long friendships, travel, unique cultures, team work, communities, love, peace, joy, happiness, and excitement.

CISV consists of a series of programs that are basically like camps where you travel and work together and live together.

and LOVE means friendship, happiness, and peace all together.
I just went to a CISV village and it was AMAZING
by p@rk3r June 14, 2010
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The most AMAZING experience anyone could ever go through. No matter who you are or where you come from you WILL be changed by CISV. CISV can never have just one definition, and people who are not apart of it will never have any idea what CISVers are talking about until they become one. It is a life changing and enriching organization and many would give up one day in real life for a minute back at camp
Hey, I just got back from a CISV village and now I have PCD(post-camp depression).

**Breaks out into song.
by Toppo8toppo8 September 17, 2018
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There really are no words for the power that is... CISV. You cannot google it and know what it is, you won't even grasp the concept of it. One can only know what it really is once you've gone through that one glorious month of summer camp, and then... you will know what CISV is.

But here's a simple background:
Founded by Dorris Allen. It stands for "Children's International Summer Village".

It will, whether you like it or not, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

God, that's all I can really tell you.

by elmira711 May 27, 2009
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Cisv is a four letter word commonly pronounced by non-CISVERs as CVS means friendship, love, happiness, and joy. Cisv is chance for people to step out of their comfort zones and YELL. People who are very active in CISV are called CISVers. CISV consists of a series of programs for all this experience to take place.
I just went to a village in Norway with CISV.
by jammyjamzzzz October 04, 2010
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CISV is an acronym for Children's International Summer Villages.
Motto: Peace Through Understanding
Every summer CISV brings together children from all over the world to foster international understanding and friendships in the hope of achieving peaceful solutions to worldwide problems. Peace is possible only as individuals and groups learn to live with one another as friends. At age 11 you may join a summer camp somewhere in the world. 2 boys and 2 girls from 30 cities are selected and they spend a month together bonding. For 13 to 16 year olds groups of 10 children make four week visits to the homes of 10 others in a foreign country and then host that child in your home the following summer.

Age 16 to Adult offers more leadership leadership opportunities.

Excellent cultural immersion summer diversion.

Actual CISV card on file with Giphy user Praxis8, but not yet available for this post
CISV was the best way to spend 4 summers as a youth. I did an Interchange between NYC & Tel Aviv as well as Hamburg, while my brother did the same with a guy from Helsinki. It's very helpful as a 14 year old to visit a suburb of Hamburg and see the houses look the same, the climate is similar, the family dynamic is like yours. Removes any preconceptions. It's fun to play ambassador to your hometown and travel as far as a days drive in a few directions over a month with a group.
by Praxis8 April 14, 2017
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