Mat: Aku nak jual motor Yamaha RX-Z aku Rm100.000
Din: Tu dia harga 'Tel Aviv'
by Makzukerbeg May 15, 2021
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The REAL capital of Israel. Jerusalem is only considered to be Israel capital by those idiots from United States.
Fuck you all assholes who think Jerusalem is Israel's capital. It's clearly TEL AVIV NOT JERUSALEM you nigger cunts
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Used in context of expensive, "sine city". Capital of culture nightlife and gay life of Israel.
The place becoming Tel Aviv like.
by dromidror August 13, 2009
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Where criminal live!
X: Why do i not like these people? they seem evil!
Y: Bro they are from Tel Aviv, you know how how much blood is on their hands?

X: Shit how can I forget!! How can anyone forget ??
by SpittingFactsSince1948 May 18, 2021
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Best city in the world, located in the middle of Israel, parties 24/7 crazy night life
Lets go to Tel Aviv bro
by SerjO September 21, 2008
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1. second largest city in israel.

2. phonetic for the french "c'est la vie." = such is life. used when you a re frustrated with something and just give up on complaining about it, cause you're just used to these things keep on happening to you.
1. "hey let's go to tel aviv!" - "totally, i've never been to israel."

2. "i am running late and now i am stuck in traffic." - "tel aviv."
by iamjacksrum December 8, 2009
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Tel Aviv University - the largest of Israel's higher education institutions, if technion is where a person would study to become something useful in life, TAU is where someone would go to learn how to be a hipster.
"Do you study at Tel Aviv University"

"no ahi, I don't wear vintage"

"In order to truely access and understand marxism , one must take a folkloric approach" "You study at TAU right?"
by IPAgenie December 5, 2017
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