Putting theory, ideas, or concepts, into actions or any real or physical thing such as an object, economic structure, organization, etc.

Mostly used by the true political left as an alternative to the word based when they want to denote sincerity in their agreement or approval (based is meta-ironic), or when they want to applaud someone for their actions that support their ideals and theory. Synonymous with saying "unironically based".

It was coined by the greek philosopher Artistotle and popularized by Karl Marx and marxism, which is why it is popular on the true political left.
Example 1: Putting theory into practice
Leftist 1: I volunteer at a homeless shelter and went door to door for Bernie in the primaries.
Leftist 2: Holy shit praxis.

Example 2: Based alternative
Shitposter: Funny monkey gif reject society, return to monke
Socialist: Based
Anarchsit: Praxis
by leftistmonke November 26, 2020
The combining of theory and practice of performance and using it to expand the art.
In performance studies specifically praxis is combining theory and practice making the reaction stronger
by ENC_Editor January 11, 2010
From Ancient Greek πρᾶξις (praksis): action, activity, practice.

In contemporary usage: “I'm going to tell you how to do your shit, and you should listen, because I have a degree in cultural studies.”
A truly liberatory praxis must never fail to neglect the counter revolutionary tendencies of the running dogs of the imperialist petty bourgeoisie, but rather contribute towards the construction of a radically public discourse of revolution.
by mvc October 21, 2012
We found a youngling in Praxis after the 'Cons razed it.
by Kakagea November 21, 2009
an unnecessary exercise put forward by the LA program at Guelph University to torture undergrad students
I'm handing out this praxis and it's due in a couple of days!
by Guelph LA Student January 26, 2011
the conversion of theory to actual actions, aka "practice".
Typically used by the political Left.
Labor supporter: Stole my dad's wheelchair so he won't be able to vote Conservative this election
Fellow Labor supporter: Nice man, good praxis
by Infinity Man December 28, 2019
Misled Baron of Haven City in the video game "Jak II." He attempts to trick the cities enemies and ends up putting the whole of the city in danger and in house arrest. Although he is not wholly a bad person, he has a tendency to be overly enthusiastic.
by Addict February 5, 2004