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A consultant with a brash style for "telling it like it is," even at the risk of implying that his clients are idiots.
Consultant: So, in conclusion, my research definitively demonstrates there is zero market demand for your silly product idea.

Boss to underling: Where the hell did you find this guy? He's more of an insultant than a consultant.
by rickbrunernyc November 23, 2009
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One who is educated in treating or speaking with contemptuous rudeness and obvious arrogance and paid for this service
Insultant: "You are a spineless, heap of flaming dog poo and you are not worth the paper i wipe my ass with."

Boss: "Who are you and why are you telling me this?!"

Insultant: "I'm Joe's insultant, here's my card and referrals are appreciated."
by TheInsultant November 19, 2011
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