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Obnoxious way to interrupt someone and steal their moment, while wryly mocking that media train wreck that is Kanye West.

Based on West's instantly infamous interruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Female Video with his insane microphone-stealing shout out to Beyonce.
Bob: Thank you Mr. Brown for having us in to give this sales presentation. We'd like to talk to you today about...

Alfred: Yo, Bob, I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but I just got to say our product is is one of the best products there is!
by rickbrunernyc September 15, 2009

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Eyeglasses with heavy or severe frames that live somewhere between fashionable and creepy, like a serial killer may wear.
I liked your friend, and his serial killer glasses were sexy!
by rickbrunernyc August 03, 2009

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A standard of measurement with no basis in reality. The phrase derives from men who exaggerate the size of their penis.
I think I can fit in that parking spot.

Seriously? What, are you measuring in penis inches?
by rickbrunernyc August 06, 2009

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A consultant with a brash style for "telling it like it is," even at the risk of implying that his clients are idiots.
Consultant: So, in conclusion, my research definitively demonstrates there is zero market demand for your silly product idea.

Boss to underling: Where the hell did you find this guy? He's more of an insultant than a consultant.
by rickbrunernyc November 23, 2009

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Not quite a double date, but not exactly a date either. It's when you invite someone out on a date, and they pull a defensive maneuver and bring a friend along, as a date shield.
Dude, I asked out that hot chick Sally on a date Saturday to cool party. She said yes, because she knew it was a cool scene, but she turned it into a one-and-a-half date, bringing along her BFF Tina to cock block.
by rickbrunernyc April 10, 2010

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Menstrual Syndrome. I.e., REALLY bad PMS.
My ex-wife's PMS was so bad it was like PTSDMS.
by rickbrunernyc June 29, 2011

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An unemployed person passing themselves off as an entrepreneur. And/or an under-achieving entrepreneur.
Joe: So Bob, what are you up to these days.

Bob: Um...I'm trying to get my own business going. I'm an entrepreneur.

Bob's Wife: An untrepreneur is more like it!
by rickbrunernyc November 23, 2009

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