A person who's famous on the popular app Instagram because they have thousands of followers. Person is usually a pretty girl who posts a thousand pictures of her face or whatever food she's eating. May include pictures of other people's food
That girl's instafamous, she's got like 10k followers!
by Big Daddy N September 25, 2012
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Coined by the website instafamous.pro and their hashtag #instafamous it refers to gaining a mass amount of followers on the Instagram app so that you become bit of a celebrity on the app.
I want to get 100,000 followers so I can be Instafamous.
by Mr Victorious April 15, 2016
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Instafamous is where women usually suckers guys off of dating sites to follow their Instagram so they get more likes and feel better about themselves. In reality they all post the same exact things and their life isn’t as exciting as they make it seem.
If Instagram were to shut down tomorrow all these women would go from instafamous to instanobody and have to get a real job.
by Unknown reaper7 April 28, 2019
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When one becomes so attached to instagram where it becomes part of your life much like your family
Nigga u stay on intsagram like...its your instafam now
by milboinks December 25, 2012
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Friends who you met on instagram and who you are extremely close to
by Ziggy_h April 25, 2018
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A term used to refer to your followers on Instagram.
'Did you see that iconic photo I took yesterday of my patented gourmet beans on toast recipe?'
'Fuck that shit, I wouldn't join your Instafam if you payed me bruv'

'Finally reached 20,000 followers, big luv to all my Instafam!'
by keiranmerrick August 13, 2014
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Fame that comes instantly from a great photo on instagram.
"Damn, dude, this photo is going to bring you crazy instafame as soon as I post it on Instagram!"

"Wow, you're about to be instafamous once I upload this photo to instagram!"
by dathair May 28, 2013
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