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A person on Instagram who is only interested in their own follower gain. Usually narcissistic teenage girls who secretly think they'll be the next Kylie Jenner.
Jane: I'm gonna follow this fake whore so she'll follow me, then I'll unfollow her and hope that dumb bitch doesn't find out.

Jane is the example of an Instabitch.
by YoungRichGod April 14, 2016
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An instant bitch. Calm, cool, cute, and collected at first, but say one wrong word and it's INSTA-BITCH!
-Geez Glyde, stop being such an insta-bitch.
-You. Shut up. And get out of my house!
by Mercury March 30, 2005
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where a woman for some ungodly reason or caused by birth countrol, or pms just starts bitching.
I walked into the libray with a barrel of monkeys and she just insta-BITCHED all over the place.
by Drvortex April 24, 2009
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a bi-polar person when they get angry. they go from instacalm to instabitch
look at that bi-polar guy over there hes such an instabitch
by dora tree April 08, 2009
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A girl who posts on social media about her life problems to her 1000 followers that don't give a shit.
Damn. This girl keeps spamming my page with her problems. What an instabitch.
by The professa October 28, 2014
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