A group of planetary inspectors from the Super Robot Wars series that inspects planets for invasion and takeover by the Zuvorg Alliance. Also can refer to more intelligent life-forms who inspect before they invade.
"The Inspectors want nothing more than our resources, our robots, and our women....oh wait, scratch that one, they're too advanced for women."

"As an inspector, I'm going to check out this wasp's nest before I torch the bastards."
by Videodrome July 31, 2009
A man or woman who enforces the rules of engagement on a battlefield. Rumored to be the true profession of alleged game designer, Warren Spector.
Cliff: On the battlefield, who enforces the rules of engagement?
Derrick: I think you're describing a War Inspector...
by Anadian March 12, 2013
1. (noun) slang term for a person (usually who has a significant other already) who has illicit meetings with a sexy co-worker in the building stairwells, for purposes of making-out. An experienced STAIRWELL INSPECTOR will likely have accomplished fully-clothed oral sex sessions, and perhaps even fully clothed doggy-style intercourse on the railing.
Dude is a serious STAIRWELL INSPECTOR! That's the third secretary he's made out with down there this month!
by King D. Ingaling December 8, 2010
A large black man with a penis that stretches down to the floor who hangs out in prison showers waiting to anally rape the smaller prisoners. Featured in an episode of The Boondocks where Tom DuBois had a dream where he went to jail and dropped the soap in front of the Health Inspector.
"Nah, nah nigga, you ain't finished. I've been watching you. You ain't washed behind yo ears or nothin'. Look at me, see how I'm all clean and glistenin' and shit? That's hygiene nigga. You can call me the health inspecta. NOW PICK UP THE SOAP!! "-The Health Inspector
by My name June 24, 2006
Used to imply a person is gullible.

Taken from a scene in The Simpsons where a tough tells three nerds he is the Wallet Inspector and they hand over their wallets unthinkingly.
Boris Johnson: I'll get a good deal for workers.
Caroline Flint, Labour MP: Okay. I'll vote for it!
Everyone: Caroline's meeting with the Wallet Inspector is going well.
by Corbyn Ate My Hamster October 19, 2019
A person who likes to look and examine cocks.
Wow.........that meyer kid is a true fuckin meat inspector!
by Eli Steinman October 23, 2007
Aka the coolest guy ever.

CEO of socialism, justice and cutting through massively
Person 1: wow inspector goole is a bit of a cool dude
by iM qUiRkY March 12, 2020