A type of giant robots in anime shows that usually have flashy moves, hot-blooded pilots that constantly keep shouting attack names, ultra cheesy plots and lines, and often involve combining several vehicles together.

Examples of Super Robots are Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, GaoGaiGar, Go Lion (AKA Voltron), Godannar, and G Gundam.

Look at Real Robot.
Fanboy: Grendizer is the most powerful robot evar!!1!1!
by Dark Master Schmidt December 10, 2004
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Super Robot Syndrome is a condition mostly (Although not exclusively) aquired by Whiny Highschool Emo Girls who previously expierenced a severe trauma. This disorder commonly manifests itself in the form of online communitys such as Deviant Art or MySpace in the form of lengthy-Journals/Blogs which appear as angsty sob storys or badly-written poems. The victim seems to pick one "bad guy", be it a person/place/thing who is the brunt of their trauma and cause of all the ills in the world. SRS is so named after Super Robot Animes, in the sense of the "Bad Guy" can be related to a Monster of the Day from a super robot show. Victims usually tend to outgrow the condition before their Mid-Twentys.
Blog Entry:
Boo fucking hoo! My dad, molested me, my boyfriend groped me, even my dog raped me!

Oh, no... Not another case of Super Robot Syndrome... Wait another few years... It'll pass...
by Emevas October 4, 2006
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Named after invincible super human. Only a handful have tried his strength and I am one of them. so I pass this message on. Pray and think that you will never be as good as he is. Therefore, consider using these words only for the most pressing. He comes from the birthplace of the Liberec gods. (Jiřího Super Robotické Tělo) in language of gods
„You are so good. You must have The George's Super Robotic Body?“
by Liberec god no. 1 November 28, 2021
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