A flawed character/personality trait that makes a man (usually), who is not happy with himself, lie about his pathetic life to cover his failures. He will “invent” people, situations or things to boost his image. He will reiterate his numerous “successes” to look superior. If he has a girlfriend he will disrespectfully read her diary, monitor her conversations or spy on her to see if she is cheating. If he is in public with his woman, he gets jealous when a guy looks at her (which is actually a compliment) because he is threatened by another man and knows deep down that he isn’t worthy of her. He feels as though his sense of self-worth (or lack of it) is found in the woman in his life because he must have a woman and sex to be happy. He will also talk bad about others to make himself feel better.
Insecure people are extremely needy, lonely, miserable losers who need to get a life.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com March 17, 2008
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Insecure is a guy who lies a lot and dosent have much to do with his time. He will lie and make it look like he works or has a good job when he lives with his mother and can't pay for anything. He's usually in his 30's and is very unsuccessful and unambitious. He will not have a car of his own, a house or a girlfriend. Nothing that normal people have. He fills his time trying to make peoples lives miserable because he is miserable inside and a failure at everything he does. Most likely he is unnatractive and may have some other condition such as problems interacting with people so he has a hard time socializing.
Mike is a balding 40 year old who lives at home. He is insecure and not comfortable with himself so he lies and creates mischief to fill the void in his life.
by Hebse December 6, 2007
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When something makes you insecure and feel bad about yourself, but also incredibly turned on.
Looking at my wifes perfect body makes me insecuroused.
by StandingHaiku June 23, 2022
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When a guy loses his hair or has many imperfections he tends to be insecure.
Rehmeyer is losing his hair, he feels ugly and insecure.
by ..MIKE REHMEYER... April 21, 2008
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the depressed girl,who is so caring. the person who has anxiety and nobody understands what she is going threw.
boy:that girl is weird and selfish,dont you think?
girl:no,i think she is insecure
by mehtolazy April 30, 2018
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1.) The need for constant "hugs" from your internet chatroom "friends"

2.) Thinking the more "s's" you get in HUGSSSSSSS mean the giver cares more about you.
~Cyclops~: bye bye Chic'n lixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and hugssssssssss

Wonder!Who!: hey BOD hugssssssssssssssssssssssssss
BOD: hugsssssssssssssssssssssss
by Shepherd November 11, 2003
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Insecurity card is an idiomatic phrase that refers to the act of bringing the issue of insecurity into a debate or argument. Women are notorious for accusing their husbands/boyfriends of being insecure for almost anything and everything (even if it's not true).
Bob: Hey Mike, I saw you leave your house last night. What happened?

Mike: I got into a fight with that biatch again. She pulled out the insecurity card like always.
by silentthread April 5, 2011
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