init: a common word used by chavs and the root: Ali G who often in his shows uses it to emphasise what he is talking about.
Chavs and Ali G will use this term in phrases such as: 'Init man!' , 'its well buzzin init!' , 'well bad init'
by JNDKS October 4, 2006
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a chavy way to say melodically "Isn't it?"
Cold out today, init?
Snowboarding in Canada is far better than in UK init?
by sidekick March 20, 2008
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and in the init phase, cell mitosis can be a difficult process
by shidobu September 18, 2003
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a word placed at the end of a sentance, which is probably an incomprehensible one anyway, to make the speaker sound (cool/intelligent/fuckable) - delete as appropriate
waa man i is gonna kick yoooooor ass init
by Walnut March 3, 2004
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Init: To be 100% in something, about something, for something, etc. Can be used as a statement, question, declaration, etc.
As a declaration: How to come at me? Step 1, Reconsider. Step 2, Reconsider Step 1. INIT!
As a question: Man, how are you going to get this done, but not spend the time it takes to get it done right? Init?!
As a statement: She was so fine, I swear I would drink her bath water. Init!
by Rolo Da Kid March 18, 2016
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init... a leet bunch of day of defeat players who get drunk on their spare time.
ie. Dirrty_Girl, Shizz, dUde, and daeth
by Dirrty_Girl March 15, 2004
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