cockney, (British) Slang, meaning is it not, or isn't it.
(also see Ain't it).
This is your Broom ini't?
You're taking the piss ini't
by dalemondale March 21, 2011
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English, (London Slang), loosely meaning "isn't it"
It's because I'm black init?

"What are you here for today?"
"I'm hear to buy some soap, init."
by megamangod1954 December 11, 2016
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A word created by the famed genius and chad, Ł.Ł. Webster
This word was popularised by his charming and charismatic was of just bluntly saying, "init" in any given scenario. A word to be used towards any situation and it does its job well as it just works. Its creators (Louie's) usage of the word allows all to acknowledge its purposeful meaning and all its glory.
Jonny Sins "hey love you want a drink?"
Woman "Init"
Jonny Sins "thank you (my lord Łouie for allowing me to know this words meaning after you created it)"
by Carlo44 January 03, 2021
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Init is british slang, usually used when agreeing with something

Or another way of saying ‘exactly’ or ‘right
Girl A - damn ( name ) is such a whore

Girl B - Init!!
by Kittygirl2711 April 08, 2020
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