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The idiomatic aberration of the English language specifically by people of Indian and Pakistani derivation, popularized by "The Simpsons" and 85% of the convenience-store operators in the United States.
"What for you call me?"

"Oooo, they should call the police peoples for him!"

"What? I speak Inglish!"
by Ardent Observer July 30, 2007
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Paper product used as a barrier against unwanted messes, such as the liner at the bottom of a bird cage.
Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
by Phaedrus331 February 12, 2021
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n. The bastardization of the English language that is used in India and other shithole countries where call-center and technical-support jobs are exported so large corporations can profit off of cheap labor. The negative effects of 'Inglish' are often magnified by the poor telephone quality in these shithole countries. Please note: The term 'shithole' is not intended to be derogatory in this definition. It is merely a classification of these nations based on the fact that most of the residents live in poverty due to the low working wage and must shit into a hole instead of on a toilet. I'm sure they are fine people, they just don't know how to speak English.
Agent: "Wat iz you moher's maden nme?"
Caller: "Dude, I don't speak Inglish. I can't understand a damn thing you are saying. Could you transfer me to someone in the U.S."
by feed the dogs January 17, 2021
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I who speaks my own english.
I have travelled alot and lived in many places and as a result I speak inglish. I also met Karen, a chilean who has travelled alot and also speaks inglish.
by addake December 27, 2018
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internet english; the bastardized form of english that became teh norm for every shitty forum out there born through laziness and general illiteracy.
bob: so i loled and then teh phone rang and I was like wat.
jane: I can see you're proficient in inglish.
by smokeytheweedtree October 02, 2010
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The term proposed to describe intentional and unintentional errors in English spelling and grammar belonging (but not limited) to the following categories:

Phonetic errors:
Using the incorrect word, based on its prenouciation
(i.e. its/it's, you're/youre/your, bear/bare, etc.)

Leet/Gamer/Warez Speak:
Errors resulting from quick typing, replacing suffixes -er with -or, etc. Words spelled using numeric characters such as "H4RDC0R3 1337 SP34K" should be excluded from this list.
(i.e. teh, suxxor, haxorz, warez, pwnage).

LOLcat lingo:
Distortion of English grammar and spelling intended to give it a silly/cute appeal. (Yes, it can include the Walrus)
(i.e. I can has cheesburger, They be stealin mah bukit)

The name "inglish" can be understood both as an abbreviation of "Internet English" or as misspelled phonetic representation of the word "English". It is spelled without the capitalization, as it is not an actual language.
stop using inglish!
this article is written in inglish.
by q3c July 20, 2008
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