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n. A dialect of the English language frequently used on the internet.

The following rules apply when using in Internet English:

-Your: most often used for both the possessive pronoun and the contraction of "you are" while the latter is more prominently used.

-There, Their and They're refer to location, possession, and the contraction of "they are," respectively, however either word can go with either meaning, thus breaking the rules familiar when using proper English.

-Wut: short for "what."

-u: short for "you." "ur" is the possessive pronoun meaning the same as "your."

...and many more rules apply, but I, unfortunately, do not have the time to write down all the rules. If you wish to learn more, find someone who is proficiently fluent in the language to teach you some slang.
The lack of conventions, lack of punctuation, frequent misspellings, and incorrect uses of words' meanings are what characterizes Internet English. This language is used often on social media and text messaging. Websites include YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
by Ilisten2Metal December 25, 2015
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