The most awful state of being possible.
After flying 18 hours to Japan, next to 2 smelly fat guys and 3 screaming children, I was totally infested.
by hititlong December 27, 2005
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awesome west coast powerviolence band that also had a slight affection for burritos.
Lets get a burrito and listen to infest...
by Saxon March 08, 2005
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(adj.) (southern American states) The state of being infested. Occupation of one's life by a disease, lowly group of individuals, parasites, incects, etc.
Ray is infesticated with crabs ever since he started scroggin' that Reeta.
by Jerry Kurl November 07, 2006
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that one punk chick that i would like to fuck badly
yeah thats infested,shes hot
by jellyman69 February 05, 2009
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A combination of the word fest (party) and incest.

It refers to the act of incest, but as a positive term, like "fest" in "beerfest". The word's origin dates back to the Garden of Eden and the short period after, when the only way for the human race to pass it's genes on was, you guessed it, infest. It was a great time.

After all; nothing's like family.
"I had sex with my granddaughter last night"
"Sounds like a great party"
"No, it was more than that. It was infest!"
by Granddaddy October 23, 2011
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to open your head up and see what's going on
We're going to infest. We're getting in you head
by Matt April 01, 2005
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