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The PC Christian term for male masturbation, as referenced in American Dad.
Stan: Not once have I played a solo on the Devil's Clarinet.
by SpyderNinja June 19, 2009
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The crude, vulgar, offensive and often sexual trade of comments guys pass to each other, usually in high school locker rooms. Exists solely for the purpose of male comedy and is not meant to be taken seriously.
Jenny overheard me calling her a cum dumpster when I was out with the guys last night. I told her it was just locker room talk and she totally forgot about it.
by SpyderNinja July 30, 2009
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When you've done all that needs to be done or has piqued your interest online and no further task is at hand, usually resulting in you logging off or going to do something productive.
Damn dude, theres no new videos on YouTube, I have no friend requests on facebook and Obama isn't tweeting on twitter. I conquered the internet.
by SpyderNinja September 13, 2009
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The half a bag of Halls cough drops you stick in your pocket when you're sick and on the go.
Steve: Dude, you've got a wicked cough, you sure you wanna go to the movies?

Ed: Yeah it's cool man, I got the Halls Infantry on standby.
by SpyderNinja June 16, 2009
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The week long-lasting pants full of excitement one attains from the current popular "trend". It comes and goes with blockbuster movies, hit youtube videos and other various things teenagers worship. This usually results in a weekly trip to Hot Topic to purchase a t-shirt and/or other merchandise with the trend plastered all over it.
Jesse: AJ's goin' hard about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He just bought the official soundtrack and a t-shirt.

Jeremy: That's just his Hot Topic Boner actin' up. He'll forget about it when Harry Potter 6 comes out.
by SpyderNinja June 26, 2009
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An awkward standstill when two people realize they are typing to each other at the same time. They both stop typing to see if the other person responds first.
Jenny and I never finished cybering. I wanted to read her arousing message first but we engaged in an Entered Text Standoff
by SpyderNinja June 19, 2009
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