Love your family day is when u tell everyone in your family that you love them
“Hey what’s today.”
“It’s national love your family day.”
by 16&57 November 27, 2019
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Something said in retaliation to a severe insult. Normally a conversational stopper.
Bob: Man, fuck you.
Jim: I will kill your family.
by Falcon Wrath April 21, 2004
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Chewy316 - Your family is eating if they are thinking of sending you to a Raider game in Oakland.
by BanksRaider December 7, 2007
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The single worst insult of all time which trumps "ur granmlny tranny", "ur granpap a trap" , etc. Rather than targeting a single family member it destroys your entire lineage and instantly teleports all dead relatives to hell
Frank: "ur mom gay lol"
Dan: "don't make me do it"
Frank: "ur granny a tr-"
Dan: "your family tree lgbt"
*The planets align and every known star lends a fraction of its energy to create a spirit bomb in order to instantly obliterate frank* *the bowser counter in the middle of the board also counts down by one
by Childish gambini March 18, 2018
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A joke TV show that appeared on Episode 45 of YGOTAS. It consists of Melvin repeating the phrase Kill your Family over and over again. Best show ever.
Marik: Oh look a shiny box! I must worship it!

Melvin: Kill your Family! Kill your Family! Kill your Family! Kill your Family! Kill your Family! Kill your Family!

Merchant: What's the matter? You never seen the Kill your Family show?
by king of koopas December 17, 2009
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