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Peru is a country in South America, home to the largest population of indigenous language speakrs. Amayra and Quechua boast over 5 million native speakers. Lima is the capitol of Peru, and is located on the Pacific coast. The beaches in Lima are not so nice. Better beaches are found to the North and South of Lima.

Lima does offer a wonderful metropolitan life style, that rivals that of the best in South America. Lima has many 5 star restaurants and hotels, so bring your Visa.

The main attraction in Peru is Machu Picchu, followed by Lake Titticaca and then the Nazca Lines.

Peru has a very rich culture and history, and there are many different aspects of this to sample, from the food, to the music, to the architecture. There's something for just about everyone in Peru. There's white water rafting and jungle tours and hardcore ecotourist resorts. There's also shopping and museums to visit.

The people of Peru are very formal, and do not like slang. They expect your Spanish to be very polite and give you back the same.

There is a huge problem with poverty in Peru. There are homeless children in Lima that juggle at stop lights for tips, and squatters who build towns out of corregated zinc on base of mountains near the desert, where the land is not fit to be inhabited.
After I hiked the Inca Trail, I went sand boarding in the desert, and then surfing in the Pacific. I wanted to go snow boarding, too, but I couldn't fit in! There's just too much to do in Peru!
by Anonymous J November 19, 2005
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The most beautiful country in South America, and one of the nicest in the world. The country is divided in three regions: The pacific coast, where you can find the nicest district beaches in the short south of Lima (from 40 Km. south), we got districts beaches called Punta Hermosa(where the best surf female performer in the world Sofia Mulanovich raised) , San Bartolo, Santa María, Asia, Cerro Azul (130 Km) , etc. We got big waves, a californian beaches live style, the most delicious seafood in the world (mariscos), nice clubs, nice camping spaces right at the oceanfront with no restrictions, etc. In the far north from Lima (540 Km.) you'll find Huanchaco, Pimentel (700km.), Mancora(1000Km.), Cabo Blanco (1200km) where you'll find nice resorts, nice food at the oceanfront, and you just can go camping and drinking with your bodies. Then you go 100 km. east from Lima and from the begining of the road you gonna start climbing up and seeing a lot of huge mountains and at the 90 Km. of the central road from Lima you gonna start seeing snowpeak mountains. That region is called the "Sierra"(Highlands). You can go either north or south, you'll find dozens of cities and towns rounded by snowpeak huge mountains (that's 10000 feet above sea level), beautiful landscapes (just like the ones you see in switzerland, but we got 12 switzerlands in there), the weather is cold (the highest you go the colder it gets), sunny, and by 60 F- 70 F degrees in some places, and that's where most of the Peruvian Indian population live. People there is hospitalary, well instructed and nice with the foreigners, and they are willing to show you our origin as the biggest culture in America. They got typical food called Pachamanca (assorted meat (goat, cow, rabbit, pork,etc., cooked underground), Trucha frita ( fried sweet water fish eaten with white rice and lime, real good!!!), etc. You'll find the Inca's ruins and fortresses (built by the Inca's 800 years ago, like Machupicchu, Sacsaihuaman,etc.), and colonial style houses and cathedrals (built by spanish conquerors 500 years ago), and clay houses (with red tiled roof and white walls typical in the "Sierra"), and besides, you can go alpinism, or just hang out and socialize in the Major Parks at nights or just go to the clubs, and you see people from all over the world there. And then, you get in the road and go east, and you'll start dropping down (from 10000 feet til sea level), and by 40 km. of dropping you gonna start watching green mountains and hills all over the place, and as you're going further lower the only non green thing you'll see is the blue sky and the black road that lead you to the other region called "Selva" (jungle). Is a tropical weather region, with nice locals called "charapas" (girls are hot cos' they barely wear clothes cos' the hot weather and they're nice looking too), where you'll find the Amazon river at its biggest, and a variety of tropical food like "Cecina con Tacacho" ( salted pork meat with fried mashed salted green bananas), juane (a pyramid shaped salted tamale made with green selva's rice with pork or chicken inside), and more. The states's capitals are Iquitos (Loreto), Pucalpa (Ucayali), and Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios), Chachapoyas (Amazonas) and Moyobamba (San Martin), and Tarapoto. The selva's size is like three times Florida.
Visiting the Center of America: Cuzco, at the Highlands.
Roberto: Where are we going today man?
Carlos: We are going to Machupicchu, the train is leaving in an hour.
Roberto: Damn.Is the first time in my life that I'm visiting. Did you talk to the danish girls?
Carlos: Yeah, we'll meet em' at 5pm. at the Plaza de Armas (Major Park), and we gonna drink some Pisco for the chilly weather and then go to the club nearby at 9pm. til' 7am. (Yes way, you can drink on the Major Park, and go to the clubs around it and socialize with everyone from everywhere in the nicest place on earth: Cuzco.)
Roberto: Only in Peru. Viva el Perú carajo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Aldiño September 03, 2006
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The place for most beautiful girls who knows how to dance and drink. Place of the best food ever.
Man, look at those girls dancing i love Peru
by pete1111 August 20, 2007
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Only the richest country in food (top 5 best food of the world), culture and history although this it is still in development.

Peru owns one of the world wonders Machu Picchu and the most friendly people you will ever met. They also share the Amazon river with Brazil, the pacific ocean and also the Andes, so there is everything for everybody.

Peru is considered to have the best food in South America, and probably the best seafood in the world for the best price.

The history and culture of this country is amazing and so does the people.
x: hey what are u doing this summer
y: im going to peru to eat a lot of ceviche and sushi
x: thats awesomeeee!!!take me :D
by bestchoiseee March 19, 2009
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