A literal translation of the very common hebrew phrase: "Ba Ktana".
This phrase has several meanings pending on context, but is mostly equivalent to "No big deal".
Ars 1: Hey Man, want some shawarma?
Ars 2: Walla, in the small one.
by Yossi March 13, 2005
a shot of alcohol, usually vodka, taken during work hours.
hey do you want to do a small one?
by sentimentallychallenged July 11, 2019
If someone is having a problem or issue of any size or any kind this phrase can be applied.

Supremely versatile, from minor ‘situations’ like one can’t find ones lighter, to major ‘situations’ like ones girlfriend has left one...

Often most effective when applied to others when trivialising their problems or issues!
If you’re struggling to find your lighter - “I’m having a small one!”

If you see your friend buckle over in agony after stubbing his toe - “Are you having a small one?!”

If you see someone drop a tray of drinks - “she’s having a small one!!”

If someone crashes a car - “he’s having a small one..!”
by Muggotron 3000 March 22, 2020
Decisions your spouse makes cause you got the control.
I am making strategy decisions.. tingting is making small ones.
by Atpita October 26, 2017