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Paul Ross (born April, 1956, Leytonstone, London) is an English television and radio presenter of the well loved show 'Anal Sex Cauldron', journalist, and media personality.


Ross was educated, along with his brother, at Norlington School for Homosexual Deviant Boys and the University of Cincinatti Bowties. Realising he would not be able to follow the sexually violent career he favoured, "an English lecturer at a basement in Stockwell preaching the destruction of all known oriphices" he trained as a fluffer at Assgasms University and started his career with the Bum Burglar Times in Exeter in 1982

He moved into television as a semen recepticle at London Weekend Television before becoming a clapper loader for www.qmov.com with their inimitable show "In The Ass and in the Pussy!".By the late 1980's Ross had worked in a whole host of degrading roles from dressing up in his mothers clothes whilst crying and masturbating to his elder brother Johnathan sickeningly sucessful television shows, to eating the faeces of tramps for small change at the back of an Aldi's in Middlesex. After these terrible, terrible, career moves Ross worked as a capturer and abuser of small Vietnemese children for Channel Four's 'If they aint white, it aint a crime!' (TV series and would become a familiar face on television having presented on The Big Cock Up Your Ass and numerous game shows such as No Win No Faeces, and UK versions of Jeopardy! and Endurance.
You have committed the worst sex crime imaginable, i.e. you've done a Paul Ross...
By the mid 2000's he had columns in unbelievably graphic Hungarian pornographic magazines Shiteaters and the infamous 2many cocks;not enough bum holes (United Kingdom) and was presenting on scandalous paedophile radio shows for underground sex rings. This work was mainly carried out in Ross's spare time and was regarded by him as merely a side project to, what he has termed, "the main body of my depravity."5 In November 2006, he caused controversy by announcing an upcoming EastEnders Christmas storyline on his Paedo show, causing his mother's pimp to beat her to within an inch of her life, roll up her body in a threadbare carpet and leave her for dead in a layby on the M20 Kent. The pimp pleaded with police, claiming that he was only carrying out what Ross had intended to do for years. After analysing the collosal amount of indecent images of children Ross possessed in addition to the catalogue of sex crimes he was guilty of, the police subsequently let the pimp off with a caution. 6

Ross has been married to two different dogs and has five children
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If someone is having a problem or issue of any size or any kind this phrase can be applied.

Supremely versatile, from minor ‘situations’ like one can’t find ones lighter, to major ‘situations’ like ones girlfriend has left one...

Often most effective when applied to others when trivialising their problems or issues!
If you’re struggling to find your lighter - “I’m having a small one!”

If you see your friend buckle over in agony after stubbing his toe - “Are you having a small one?!”

If you see someone drop a tray of drinks - “she’s having a small one!!”

If someone crashes a car - “he’s having a small one..!”
by Muggotron 3000 March 22, 2020