5 definitions by Atpita

A place your life goes when you get hopelessly stuck with something.
Between the our new president and the HANA project, I'm heading down a fucking endless hole .
by Atpita July 1, 2017
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A never ending hole that you get into when you don't stop spending money and wasting time on something.
This project is taking our team down an endless hole that will never fucking stop!
by Atpita July 1, 2017
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When you forgot you used warming lubricant on your girlfriend, and you go down on her anyway.
Holy shit! I thought I lubed my gurl with the minty KY, but it was the warming one! That's one spicy tilapia!
by Atpita December 29, 2020
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Decisions your spouse makes cause you got the control.
I am making strategy decisions.. tingting is making small ones.
by Atpita October 26, 2017
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