A phrase to describe the negative outcome of a set of circumstances that have put you in a tricky situation.
"Boys I've been to the doctors and it's not good news. I've got 3 months to live."

"Ahh mate you're in the mud there"

"Unlucky mate, sounds like you're severely mudded"

"A true mudding"
by MuckyBender May 13, 2022
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When you get in trouble and you can’t get out of
Boy you in the mud if she keeps bitching you my guy
by ViciousJay2x July 12, 2018
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When a person or thing has gotten into trouble which they cannot find a way out of.
by Fadedstalkz March 11, 2022
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Commonly used in football, when a team has completely screwed over their hopes of securing a title, or when they blow their hopes of UCL (or Europa for the more smaller clubs such as Wolves or Varchester Penited (no disrespect to Wolves)) or worse when they are in a relegation battle or have their relegation confirmed
by Jack Spank9049 May 21, 2022
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A slang word used to describe something fucked up, ruined, or horrible/bad.
by DEADSHØT888 January 27, 2021
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to go out in the mud in the back of a truck or jeep or other 4x4 vehicle and spin in the mud until all the occupants are covered in mud.
I am so dirty. We went mudding earlier and I just know this mud won't come out of my clothes!
by Caitlin8014 May 27, 2005
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