Suck It Till Ur Sick, derived from the term(s) Blowjob, Giving head, etc.

A derogatory term which results in someone telling another individual to Suck on Him/Her until the aforementioned becomes sick from so much sucking.
Hey Mary, come over here and situs.

The Leaf's keep getting scored on here tonight, they are playing awful. They can Situs.
by Durbin03 November 10, 2014
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This word is short for situation and is used to describe an awkward, uncomfortable or intense moment.
"That guy was dancing awfully close to you - were you having a bit of a situ?"


"Stop it, you're embarrassing me, I'm having a situ here!"
by Feltch McFlop March 27, 2009
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When you wear thongs a lot and your butt crack itches.
"Man, I think I have thong a situs my butt crack itches"
by B(real) December 28, 2015
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When a dude with horrible personality, ripped abs and orange skin drops a roofie in your drink
I thought Pittsburgh was an okay town until I got situ-rape-tioned by some Steeler.
by Schnappy pappy February 5, 2011
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racism still confined to the basement membrane. not out-right racist, but getting there.
that adam guy has a serious case of racism-in-situ
by thassoraven09 April 24, 2010
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When you're in a messy situation with bae. Can be used when you and bae are fighting, bae is seeing another person, etc.
Bae: *flirts with dat bitch*
Girl 1: OMG, wtf is wrong with bae?????
Girls 2, 3, and 4: OMG!!!!! ______ is cheating on his GF!!!!!!
You: Gosh darn it, bae is SUCH an a-hole.

Girl 2: Oh my gosh I feel so bad for you!
Girl 1: Cheating boyfriend? Girl, you got yourself a real situ-bae-tion.
by think on it September 12, 2017
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