When your pet hella horny and will fuck anything in sight
Garry: why is your cat humping the couch arm?
Sbeve: he's in heat
by Yiff yiff fur boy August 1, 2019
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Synonym to horny, but with a more used for animals meaning. This can still be used to describe humans. When an animal is in heat, getting some becomes a priority, so it doesn't matter with who or what.
The stray and I were both clearly in heat so I did us both a favor by releasing my load into her. Hope I didn't get that poor thing pregnant . . .
by Pop pop sizzle February 22, 2018
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Heat is the stage of their reproductive cycle ( pre-ovulatory period - estrus ) when the woman feels more attracted by men, in order to get pregnant.
"The woman is permanently attracted by men, but, during their heat, that attraction is even more intense".
by Willhelmina Plowes June 8, 2015
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Heat can be used a few different ways.

1. Used as a synonym for "gun"

2. To describe temperature.

3. To describe something that was intense. (Basically a synonym for "Intense" generally when the scenario is something that could get you in trouble.)
1. "dawg we gotta confront them dealers tonight. make sure ya'll are packin heat"

2. "Gee willikers zip-a-dee-doo-dah Batman. My teeth sure are sensitive, whether it's to the cold, or the heat!"

3. *Thieves just robbed a bank and ran into an ally way. The swarm of cop cars drive right past the ally in which the robbers are hiding, and do not see the robbers.* "Whoa dude, that was heat. Those cops almost caught us! We BARELY made it into this conveniently located ally way in which we are currently hiding in."
by BUTTONMASHER411 April 27, 2011
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When an animal (humans included) is so horny and eager to mate, that they'll hump whoever comes along.

Some people think that only females experience this state, but male animals also have a reputation for being achingly randy.
"Great...! Just great! We forgot to neuter our cat, and now she's in heat! I can't stand the howling!"

"While in Frankfurt (appropriately), I once asked a German storekeeper for a 'heißer Hund'- literally 'a hot dog.' He burst out laughing, as 'heißer Hund' in German suggests a dog in heat." -Richard Lederer
by Lorelili February 6, 2006
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1. (Adj.) Warm. To be raised in temperatature.
2. (Adj.) Angry, annoyed, pissed off, frustrated, etc...
3. (Adj.) Intense.
1. "Yo dawg I just heated up this Instant Lunch™ you want some?"
2. "Fuck man my source didn't come through with my eighth I'm so fuckin' heated..!!"
3. "Check it out that fight's getting heated over there."
by A New STD June 20, 2004
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What happens when you touch some weird ass roleplayer’s ears and/or tail
Roleplayer 1: *Touches Roleplayer 2’s ears*

Roleplayer 2: “N-Nya! *She’d hide her tail and ears* Don’t do that! I’m gonna go into heat!~ My Ears are very sensitive you know!”

Roleplayer 1: ....
Roleplayer 1: Bitch-
by Why the fuck am I here April 22, 2020
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