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The best fast food chain ever.

The only place were you can get as many meat patties as you want on your burger and just call it and NxN where N is the number of patties.
On of my friends had a 7x7.
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A burger chain found in only the West coast. The menu consists of A cheese burger, Hamburger, double double (two patties on that bitch!), fries sodas and shakes. You don't have to semd your whole god damned day deciding what you want like those other lame sauce chains like Mc D's. Also can be a breakfast lunch or dinner food. Even has a catchy little theme song. And is pretty cheap.
Friend 1:Hey can i have some of your in-n-out?
Friend 2: HELL NAW!! I HAD TO WAIT IN LINE FOR 3 HOURS TO GET THIS!!::sings:: in in out .. in in out that what our hamburgers all about.
Friend 1: Just a bite?
Friend 2: Touch my in-in-out and i will cut you foo.. BACK UP OFF! can lick the wrapper fool.
by Falliokiosaurus Rex May 15, 2005
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Best. Hamburgers. Ever.

In and Out is a Califonria staple. Simple menu of hamburger, cheeseburger, shakes, drinks,and fries. Everything is made fresh by local teenagers in matching outfits. Popular high school hangout.Regulars know to order a grilled cheese if you're a vegitarian, a bun-less burger if you're on a diet, and animal style fries if you're really hungry.
Also has a snappy song to go with it:
"In-and-Out, it's what a hamburgers all about!"
Could we run down to In and Out burger, I've been craving it for days now!
by Boo_Radley October 12, 2006
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Ultra-conservative, all-American fast food chain. Check out the bottom rim of a soft drink cups at In and Out and you'll find a Bible chapter and verse to consult. The employees are shiny, happy, Stepford-like robots. Eating here is like tithing. It has reached the point in Bush's America where you can't even eat a burger without getting a sermon.
"Jesus H. Christ, I never realized that In and Out Burgers was run by Christian fundamentalists. Thou Shalt Eat In & Out!!!"
by creedmoor May 25, 2006
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A weight loss solution which involves a hearty, unhealthy meal such as a burger followed immediately by the consumption of laxatives to prevent weight gain. Hence the burger goes in and out.
Me: I'm going to have an In-and-Out Burger
Friend: Will you being having a side of Smooth Move tea or Dulcolax with that?
by spaghetti_hair March 10, 2015
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