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Replacement for "good times" or the like, usually in reffrence to something sterotypically highschool (as in Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
Did you go to Max's party last night?
Yeah, fast times, man.
by Boo_Radley October 13, 2006
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Best. Hamburgers. Ever.

In and Out is a Califonria staple. Simple menu of hamburger, cheeseburger, shakes, drinks,and fries. Everything is made fresh by local teenagers in matching outfits. Popular high school hangout.Regulars know to order a grilled cheese if you're a vegitarian, a bun-less burger if you're on a diet, and animal style fries if you're really hungry.
Also has a snappy song to go with it:
"In-and-Out, it's what a hamburgers all about!"
Could we run down to In and Out burger, I've been craving it for days now!
by Boo_Radley October 13, 2006
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