"Animal Style" refers to a food alteration which can be ordered at the West Coast's famous In-N-Out Burger restaurant chain. The term is not officially listed on the menu, but instead is part of the Secret Menu. If applied to a burger, the meat is grilled with mustard, with sauteed onions, pickles, and extra spread added. If applied to fries, it comes with melted cheese, sauteed onions, and spread.
What can I get for you?

I want a Double Meat Animal Style, Animal Fries Extra Cheese, and a medium lemonade!
by Stevo January 9, 2005
Term at In-N-Out Burger used to order a hamburger which is fried in mustard.
I'll have a Double Double animal style.
by octavius March 10, 2004
To do something naked, like an animal would, without clothes on.
Stewart went to the beach animal style, but he got arrested for indecent exposure.
by xamaryllix February 14, 2011
A white claw and or seltzer that has an extra shot of Vodka in it.
Yo get me a white claw... Animal style.
by Boston boy1 April 3, 2020
Cartoons that are influenced by anime so they look like anime.

Examples: Pucca, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Kappa Mikey, Teen Titans, Totally Spies, Jackie Chan Adventures, Xiaolin Showdown and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I should also mention that these shows are often mistaken for anime.

Because They could have:

1. Cartoon characters that look like anime characters

2. Funny and exaggerated facial expressions

3. The ability to turn into cute little chibi versions of themselves.

But I wonder...
What does everyone else think of anime-style cartoons?

I think it's pretty cool.
by AnimeandToonLover December 7, 2010
When you get a double meat double cheese with bacon and green Chile from Whataburger and get a 4x4 Animal style from in and out, then split the double in between the patties to add the entire 4x4 and make one sandwich.
by Os III July 30, 2019
Recieving a blow-job from a girl after she has eaten from In N Out Burger. The length of time between eating the food and actually recieving the mouth cannot exceed an hour.
Last night I went on a date with Nicole to In N Out Burger and afterwards she gave me a blow job... animal style.

"Damn bro, she gave you an animal-style blow job?"

by Yung Phil March 13, 2012