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A weight loss solution which involves a hearty, unhealthy meal such as a burger followed immediately by the consumption of laxatives to prevent weight gain. Hence the burger goes in and out.
Me: I'm going to have an In-and-Out Burger
Friend: Will you being having a side of Smooth Move tea or Dulcolax with that?
by spaghetti_hair March 11, 2015
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To embrace the natural aging process.

To look fantastic and healthy for your age without the help of dermal fillers, Botox or plastic surgery.
To age gracefully: "Your grandmother looks great for 82. The lines on her face show character and indicate that she has experienced an interesting life."

To not age gracefully: "Your grandmother looks quite scary for 82. The stretched out skin on her face and inability to make facial expressions indicates that she is insecure about her age so she is desperately trying to look younger, but it still doesn't look good. She's not fooling anybody so she should really just embrace her natural beauty."
by spaghetti_hair February 23, 2016
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