Term of endearment of West Indian origin; usually used when talking to young child (particularly female), or girlfriend. It does not necessarily denote stature, although often it is directed at petite ladies.
by Magnificent Teapot September 6, 2009
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1. How long it's going to take that guy to pick the drugs up from that other guy's house
2. How long it's going to be before your friend gets to your place
3. How much your designated driver had to drink at the bar/party; don't worry, he/she is still "good to drive"
4. All 50 Cent really need
1. Yeah man, I was just heading to that guy's house, I'll have your shit in a little bit. (You should expect to receive your merchandise sometime the next day)
2. I just have to do something real quick, I'll be over in a little bit. (You should expect to wait at least 45 minutes, typically more)
3. Don't worry, man, I just had a little bit so I'm still good to drive.
4. All a nigga really need is a little bit, Not a lot, baby girl, just a little bit
by T.. November 20, 2005
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When you are with somrone and there isn't a lot of time but you would like to get it on.

i.e. I have to catch my plane in about two hours, how about a "little bit" before I go?
by Joe Fitzpatrick June 15, 2006
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1) A creature that is very small in size and brain power, most likely dropped on head in a 2nd grade class, Bug-eyed and furry, tends to chase after inanimate objects.
2)Verb: To be a nuisance to the beings around you, usually by making high-pitched noises and staring at things you expect the beings to throw.
1)I believe Oliver Twist was a Little Bit.
2)Dont Little Bit, or I will throw a rock at you!
by Hue Jass June 6, 2003
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a little nugget or marijuana saved from a larger nug. No certain size is necessary for a piece of weed to be refered to as a little bit. A little bit just has to be a piece that was broken off a bigger piece and is being saved for later
by 337 October 13, 2004
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When someone is smoking a cigarette you ask for “a little bit of the beef” meaning a nice taste of the hot warm ash in your mouth burning your tongue and your lip.
Abbie stewart- Hi Nadia, “a little bit of the beef?”
by User17481738472829 June 24, 2020
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