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A porn star (adult entertainment industry professional) who started his career in gay films, later to pull what we call a "double back, flap jack, titty smack" where he switched to straight films.
Look at him getting fucked by that 300 pound body builder...! -2 years later- Look at him give it to her!
by Hue Jass June 18, 2003
To be 'owned' by various pictures of David Hasselhoff. Especially the much feared hypno-thong picture.
by Hue Jass March 11, 2005
To be owned by Hasselhoff of the David variety. Mainly by staring into the hypno-thong for so long that you concede the battle.
by Hue Jass February 16, 2005
1) A creature that is very small in size and brain power, most likely dropped on head in a 2nd grade class, Bug-eyed and furry, tends to chase after inanimate objects.
2)Verb: To be a nuisance to the beings around you, usually by making high-pitched noises and staring at things you expect the beings to throw.
1)I believe Oliver Twist was a Little Bit.
2)Dont Little Bit, or I will throw a rock at you!
by Hue Jass June 6, 2003
Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck
Gently in the ass
Roll around on the ground
Until you come at last
by Hue Jass January 20, 2004
The Elements are:
1st - Breakdancing (Bboying)
2nd - Emcee
3rd - DJ
4th - Graffitti

The other one Is the 5th which is Beat Boxing.
by Hue Jass June 20, 2004