Caught in a highly undesirable situation that one hasn't any real involvement in.
Leroy answers his phone, hearing gunshots and rifle fire in the background
Anton: "Leroy, I'm in a Sling! Drove in a Turf war between the Crips 'n Bloodz. Fools shooting at me from both sides."
Leroy: "Yo, want me call in the Blue Bloods?"
Anton: "At this point, I'd take the police over these Hoodrats. Get me out of here!"
by RaiRaijinn November 30, 2016
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The area next to the scrotum where ones leg skin meets ones coin purse (''hinge'') adjacent to the gooch. The area is often unoccupied by hair, and is known for emmitting a strong Sweaty odour after sports.
David Beckhams slinge must stink after that game!

Let's Slinge scissor?

Whoah that is a nice slinge!!
by Edward Slingerhands January 08, 2011
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When you get kicked from a cooperation or organized event without a single response as to why.
Dude, Slingoblade just slinged me.
by reyaview October 22, 2008
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similar to dealing, distributing, selling of drugs
No man, I stopped slinging after I got caught by the cops.
by garberrr November 08, 2005
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Verb. Informal. To participate in or be a part of the growing, alternative lifestyle known as
“Slinging.” Slinging or “To Sling” is to enjoy watching all your favorite live television shows,
channels and/or live sports using Sling TV. Often with others or in a group setting.
See: Slingers.
Are in you in the mood to Sling?
Would you like to Sling with us this weekend?
Are you DTS, aka Down to Sling?
You should come over this weekend and try Slinging. You'll love the freedom and options.
by hyers February 28, 2018
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The act of selling drugs, while trying to avoid being labeled as a dealer.
Mark: Nice scale man, do you deal?
John: Nah, I'm just slingin
by kpq April 15, 2008
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