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Verb. Informal. To participate in or be a part of the growing, alternative lifestyle known as
“Slinging.” Slinging or “To Sling” is to enjoy watching all your favorite live television shows,
channels and/or live sports using Sling TV. Often with others or in a group setting.
See: Slingers.
Are in you in the mood to Sling?
Would you like to Sling with us this weekend?
Are you DTS, aka Down to Sling?
You should come over this weekend and try Slinging. You'll love the freedom and options.
by hyers February 28, 2018
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Another word for selling drugs. People who sling drugs often hang out in alleys and sell people walking by lots of crack cocaine and marijuana.
Tom: "I saw this guy slinging dope today in Times Square, the police came and made a big scene of that slinger."

Josh: "Wow, that guy must have really taken the L."
by ɯ August 24, 2018
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