The most useless perk in Fallout New Vegas, added by the Dead Money DLC. Available at Level 2, for some reason, and requires 20 Repair, and 70 Science skill points. All because of one programming error, it has become the most infamous perk ever to exist since Here and Now. Even if you use unofficial bug fixes, it's still useless.
Person1: Oh boy! I levelled up! Should i take In Shining Armor? It sounds cool, since i wear Metal Armor!
Person2: Dude, don't take that one. Don't waste your perk point on this one.
by Truths and Facts May 2, 2021
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A man that helps out a woman when she is in distress. A chivalrous male that protects women if necessary.
A man that protects his lady friend from a bad dude.
Woman: My bag was stolen!
Knight in Shining Armor: Let me chase him down for you!
Woman: Thanks, you're like my knight in shining armor!
by Aadrward April 28, 2008
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White liberals who act as though they are doing a service protecting minorities, whilst only being annoying dumb asses. Also known as a white apologetic/ white savior.
Black dude trying to go to work: "What the fuck are you doing?"
16 year old white girl who is laying down in the street blocking traffic: "Um! I am standing up for your rights and demanding change!"
Black dude trying to go to work: "I don't need a White in Shining Armor, can you get the fuck out of the way I'm going to be late!"
16 year old white girl brushing off her knees: "Ugh! Well we don't claim you! I'm so gonna tweet about this!"
by Jdeezy22 September 2, 2020
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When your little knight is wearing protection.
Want to see my knight in shining armor or would prefere him fighting without protection?
by Oddjobguy147 June 14, 2006
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When the male partner knights the female with his penis by tapping both shoulders and then EXPLODING on her face, creating a jizzy helmet.
"Bitch was trippin' so Sir Joseph had to give that bitch the good ol' Knight In Shining Armor. Dub nigga."
by Ricky George November 28, 2007
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