A phrase used by managers / Co-owners to entice younger workers to join them in their office ... usually for rough anal sex.

This encounter will then be overseen by another manager who disagrees with such acts of deprevation and it will be mentioned at the next argument between two such bosses.

'In My Orifice' may also be used.
"In My Office" Shouts Manager

Cut to Manager being penetrated by younger work colleague in a violent manner then being overseen by more traditional style of manager.
by Dave9756 January 15, 2006
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A waste of time while at work. Euphemism for fucking the dog while at work.
I'll see you later. Gotta get back to work... well not really. There's a dog in my office today.
by Zarbuck April 15, 2011
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Hottest new slang for "cut off my penis".
"punt my offices" is a perfect anagram for "cut off my penis"
John Bobbitt: Why'd you punt my offices!?!
Lorena: Temporary insanity caused by your constant physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.
by The Kentucky Kid December 8, 2007
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go somewhere private to do drugs with me, especially drugs that are snorted
Uhh, there are a lot of people at this party, maybe we should step into my office.
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
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To go to the restroom and drop some dung
A: hey, If anyone ask, tell them i'll be in my office
B: haha... ok . Drop it like it's hot!!!
by ongdia November 21, 2008
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Used immediately after "you're fired" (or the like) to signify that the sayee has assumed the boss position of the immediate locale and, therefore, should be properly respected.

Only team leaders and wankers may use this phrase.

Coined by !phil
dt0x rides blahblah's rocket
!phil: dt0x
!phil: omg
!phil: yorue so fired
!phil: get out of my office
blahblah: lol
dt0x: fuck
by !phil February 18, 2004
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Basically telling someone that they aren't on your level, and they need to go somewhere else until they are.
Ooh, get out my office before you get murked, mane.
by Jayzgame May 1, 2004
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