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The act of pleasuring a woman orally while sporting a movember or a mo-linger.

Given the fact that few movembers ever turn into mo-lingers, it is assumed that the woman who likes molingus is a rare find indeed.
Sally: When are you going to shave that rat of your face?

Zed: I thought I'd keep it for a while... I think it looks good.

Sally: I don't think so.

Zed: How about we go into the bedroom and I can give you a little of the molingus?


Sally: When are you going to shave that rat of your face?
by Zarbuck November 29, 2010

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When a man's movember or prostasche lingers on into December because he is starting to like it.

Usually these people are single or headstrong, as many spouses don't like molingus.
Matt: You didn't shave?

Mike: I'm liking my movember.

Matt: We're in December, dude. Now its a mo-linger.
by Zarbuck November 29, 2010

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When two dudes who have never met before, bond over their movembers.
Dave1: I saw you playing squash. Did you beat that guy?
Dave2: Ya. Nice mo.
Dave1: You too.
Shelly: Are you guys having a Movember Moment?
by Zarbuck November 29, 2010

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Prostache is grown exclusively during the month of November for the Movember event. Celebrating the fight against male prostate cancer it is the prostate mustache - or prostache.

The pronunciation of the first half of the word rhymes with "frost".
As cool as his prostache looked, he knew it meant more to him; much more.
by Zarbuck November 13, 2010

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A waste of time while at work. Euphemism for fucking the dog while at work.
I'll see you later. Gotta get back to work... well not really. There's a dog in my office today.
by Zarbuck April 15, 2011

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When your phone makes a sound indicating that a text message has arrived. It is usually the default sound.

It can also be a derogatory reference to the value of the message where the message is worth less than the sound the message arrival makes.
After getting four incoming text messages, all of which were ignored, Timmy said, "My wife has been budalumping me all day".

"I hate the badalump."
by Zarbuck November 14, 2011

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Anything halfway between the unknown and the divine.
By 7am we neared the top of the mountain, and just as the light hit us, we were gonenced with wonder.
by Zarbuck February 05, 2010

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