Type of person that is great, handsome, intelligent, loyal, patriot, friendly, polite, healthy, athletic, top in class, getting full scholarship for university. Employed by CIA, KGB, FBI and FSB. He is simply a perfect human being. If you encountered this person it will be a pleasure for your entire life.
President Barrack Obama said I win because of Ima.
Ima is the best example of a successful person.

I wish I can become Ima!
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by Nikola Tesla October 06, 2020
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im and gonna mixed into one word
dan looks so cute in phils mech, ima die!
by paranoidinsomniac August 16, 2018
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I'ma means: I'm gonna or I'm going to. Hyphenated to simplify a statement.
I'ma get that man if it's the last thing I do!

How do you know that's what I'ma do?

I'ma about to go postal!
by The real Wasabi October 06, 2019
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