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This guy is a totally player but when he's found the one there is no going back.
He's a caring, loving, gorgeous, hot, cuddly, wild, rough sex partner and an amazing person. He's a total idiot and can be a asshole sometimes but anyone would be a fool not to love him. If a Illya ever comes into you're life do everything t keep him as a friend at least.
Katie: Damn look at him he's so hot who is it.

Rachael: Illya and I know.. Offt but did you hear about what he did

Katie: I might go talk to him and no what?
by Checkers May 26, 2014
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Illya, The most amazing person ever. She's always willing to do anything to help you out and you're extremely lucky to be her partner in crime. Illya's tend to be very beautiful and extremely caring. All she ever wants is for you to be happy.
Illya's are the impersonation of a perfect girlfriend and those to have one tend to always have their lives improved a lot.
"Wow, You're so lucky to have an Illya"
by June 21, 2019
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