The universe's most boring state. I'm not eggagerating. You can hardly see the stars at night, thanks to almost being completely filled by all those darn dead trees. Most of the population is old people,(people at or over the age of 50) and is so freakin' boring, similar to the Fields Of Asphodel from Greek mythology. It has a wilder temperature range than Mercury, from -30 in the winter to nearly 100 degrees in the summer. It has some of the worst gas prices, with Chicago prices being nearly $4.00 since 5/30/08. Some say Charlotte Lee wrote her song, "The City", about Chicago.

That is my depressing review of Illinois. I think I'm going crazy from cabin fever, since it's about 95 degrees now, in September. I bet it'll snow tomorrow.
Person 1: Dude, I'm so bored.

Person 2: Yeah, it's like we're in Illinois!
by AphroditesReincarnation September 17, 2008
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The home of "flatlanders" who think "cheesehead" is an insult.
Oh, man, people from Illinois are so dumb.
by Oh Just Someone November 11, 2015
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A boring place full of farms,shitty weed,dick heads,hoe and bitchs.Illinois is a hell hole all yor will find here are anyyoing ass preps that think there the shit and old ass poeple and you cant forget the tractor races.

Woohoo(not).Dont ever go there,u will find NOTHING if you dont live near Chicago.Almost all towns are small(no more than around 20k poeple and thats a HUGE town)
Jeff:My parnets live in Mascoutah,Illinois,I might vist them.
Jeff:Your right fuck those ass bitches.
by Bombmascotah June 24, 2009
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1. A term that is used when someone from Illinois speaks about something incoherant and random, and nobody understood the conversation.
Guy: My truck is awesome, its so shiny.

Illinois person: "I had a truck once, until I went muddin, then a deer ran out in front of me and I was like "screeeech" (makes gestures like holding on to something), then i rolled it, then it was like forever before i landed on all 4 wheels, then I took off again, and everything was aight..."

Guy: WTF? Oh yeah...ILLINOIS
by Joe Schmoeyzlazy August 8, 2008
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If you are any American male, ever wondered why you have to register for selective service on your 18th birthday to a) get student loans, b) to have your bank deposits insured, and c) to hold a government job, yet a comparable American female does not have to have anything to do with the military? (Refusal to register could land you in jail for five years and cause you to pay a $250,000 fine.) Illinois is responsible for this because it was the state that required a three-fifths majority of both houses of its state legislature to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Moreover, the white blonde woman who is responsible for the ERA's defeat, Phyllis Schlafly, was an Illinois resident when she was trying to prevent other states from ratifying the ERA or encouraging ratified states to vote to rescind their ratifications. Illinois state legislators referred to ERA proponents who came to Illinois to persuade the state to ratify the ERA as carpetbaggers, yet Mrs. Schlafly apparently was not likewise referred to as a carpetbagger for leaving Illinois to block ratification. So not only are Illinois residents unable to play fair when it comes to federal constitutional amendments, they also believe that engaging in political activity outside one's home state is a special right for Fucking Illinois Bastards and Fucking Illinois Bastards alone. Female Fucking Illinois Bastards, sometimes called Fucking Illinois Bitches are the worst American females when it comes to trying to use female sex as a disability.
I think New York's hate crime law should not cover hatred-motivated crimes committed against Illinois residents.
by bitter mike May 9, 2006
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We ain’t fuckin Chicago. Piss off with that bullshit. Illinois is a beautiful state in areas like good parts of Chicago, Springfield, Alton, Bloomington, and other cities. Taxes are shit and our politicians are corrupt but it’s all good because we eat corn
Some dumbass) hey i heard you’re from Illinois right? How’s the big city?
A chad from south Illinois) go fuck yourself you fucking dick eatin piece of pissed on dog shit I’m about 30 minutes northeast of St. Louis
by SpeedyNormal3 February 24, 2020
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