A flat, cool state in the Midwest that has the Nation's 3rd largest city: Chicago. The state is said to have two different regions. Those are Chicagoland and Downstate. However, Downstate also applies to cities and areas north and west of Chicago, too.

In addition to that, here's something to think about: With the completion of the 2004 Presidential Election, a new map of the United States was created, including the "United States of Canada" and Jesusland. However, Illinois would be totally Republican if it wasn't for Chicago. That's why it is inaccurate to include all of Illinois into the United States of Canada as a Blue State.
Illinois has two regions called Downstate and Chicagoland.
by The Kentucky Yankee December 22, 2004
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Basically lots of Corn and Chicago
For the thousandth time, I'm from Illinois but don't live in Chicago!
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Illinois is just a corn jungle. It’s very easy to get lost in, example: you don’t know if you been where you are because all you can fucking see is god damn corn
Normal person: I want to move to Illinois.
Corn jungle person: No the fuck you dont
by Corn jungle person August 9, 2018
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Very boring and overtaxed state sandwiched in between the dumbass heroin addict poor kids in Missouri and the dumbass methheads in Indiana the Hoosier state. Not worth the fucking time at all.
The thought of driving through Illinois makes me want to take the long ass detour so I can avoid driving through it.
by I literally have 0 friends August 19, 2021
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A horrible state in the northern Central Plains..
Extremely corrupt politics.
A shooting, stabbing, or mugging everyday (usually in Chicago area.)
High Taxes.
Can get all four seasons in one week of time.
Horrible roadways.
Always feuding with Wisconsin.
Anyone who doesn't live there only knows about Chicago.
Anyone who does live there, pretends they don't.
"If they as you where your from don't say Illinois...say Chicago. Or better yet don't say anything at all."

If you don't like the weather in Illinois, wait a few minutes, it'll change.
by Meh217 March 31, 2011
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A state full of poverty, murder, and broke school districts. “A pretty awful place” - most Illinoisans
Man I’m broker than the state of Illinois
by Megb2018 January 2, 2018
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The state that has only one city: Chicago. Any other city is somehow invalid, and no one knows where you live because you say what town you live in and they make that renowned face that says, "Where in the hell could that be?"
Me - "Oh, I live near Bloomington in Illinois."
Anyone else - "what."
by SocialAnxietyandPizza August 28, 2019
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