The proper name of a very nice State, which is usually mis-pronounced as "ill-in-noise." It's actuall pronunciation is "ill-in-oy." People who mispronounce it in the presence of someone from that great State are usually in for a verbal and/or physical smack-down.
(1)Bob - "So, I hear you're from ill-in-noise, right?"

Gunny- "No, you cum-guzzling spunk-dumpster, I'm from ill-in-oy. What craptastic fucktard state are you from? Confusion?"

(2) "People from Illinois today launched a nationwide day of protest angainst cheesheads and other fucktards that commonly mis-pronounce the name of their great State."
by The Gunny January 23, 2007
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4 parts, you got Chicagoland, North Illinois, Central Illinois, and South Illinois. All are very different, as i have been to all if them.

Chicagoland: The place that people go to say that they’ve been to Illinois. Where most of the snobs live, and is generally the better part of Illinois, as the rest stink.

Northern Illinois: A heaping pile of cheese and dumpster fires. You have rockford, which is one of the worst cities in the world, and also the quad cities, which are also terrible. Did i mention that freeport is also a dump? anyways, tge best thing you can find here is the fact that most of it is empty. I have seen rednecks doing beastiality to every animal on there fucking farms. I went to a mcdonalds here and I saw someone seasoning there big mac with cocaine. This part of Illinois might seem the worst from what youve read, but were just getting started.

Central Illinois: The place where you start to see less cubs fans and more cards fans. This place is heavily republican, just like Northern Illinois. Mostly just corn, more corn, and beastialtity. This is also the place where the colleges are, which are also dumps. Meth labs can be found anywhere here. Weed farms are common too. This isnt as bad as northern illinois, but still bad overall.

Southern Illinois: THE WORST PLACE ON EARTH. This is the meth lab capital of the world, incest is common, drunk rednecks are common, and etc. Earthquake are possible here too. Basically the south dont ever go here.
Bob: ayo you wanna go to Illinois?

Sam: wtf no i dont wanna see no meth labs and incest
by tripletoaster420 December 24, 2020
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Consisting of corn.
You ain't livin' until you eat Illinois sweet corn. According to someone I know.
by 8928672 September 15, 2009
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The BEST state in the Union. From the bluffs and hill country in the south to the massive Chicago metropolis to the north, the beaches on Lake Michigan to the east, and the river valleys to the west, Illinois has got it all.
Illinois ROCKS like no other!
by chi-town baller October 10, 2005
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A state south of wisconsin, north of kentuckey, west of indiana, and east of missouri. Illinois is mostly flat with some rolling hills. Alot of its major industry is from agriculture or related feilds. Contrary to popular beleif, not all of Illinois is like Chicago and Chicago is not the capital (it's Springfeild, Illinois). Springfeild is the home state of President Lincoln (he was born in Kentuckey, Ronald Reagen was born in Illinois too. Overall, Illinois is a nice and well rounded state.
Despite what some people think, Illinois is a good place to live and you'll have to get your own opinion on the state through reasearch and other stuff.
by northendwhitetrash March 22, 2007
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1. (n) A state full of extremely verbose people.
Please see all previous entries about Illinois.
by myrrrrrrrranda April 11, 2008
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