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a word with absolutly no meaning, simply made to be thrown in and confuse people.
Spangledorf to you!


could you please pass the Spangledorf?
by Redhawk23 August 3, 2006
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The Theretical Super-Suberb of St. Louis, MO that would occur if the housing market had not died and Columbia and Waterloo Illinois had grown togeter
In 2012 Columbia and Waterloo will coalesce in to Columbaloo, Devour Dupo, and subsequently die of food poisoning
by Redhawk23 December 7, 2008
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3. Date of giant world wide celebratory orgies
due bush finally leaving office on 01-20-09 and the subsequent celbratory orgies, the population of the world will increase by a 3rd when all the babies are born on 10-20-09 causing world desctruction
by Redhawk23 December 20, 2008
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Horny ass holes on bikes.

By the time they reach 14 years of age, males are remarkably horny, yet have no chance of getting a girl, and little knowledge of what to do if they ever did. They are bored with all forms of entertainment that they enjoyed prior to their current age yet are too young to do anything else, so they spend most of their time aimlessly roaming the suburbs on bicycles. Their boredem can eventually drive them to try stupid things (i.e. skateboard street luging) or to generally to destroy things. Their lives are mindnumbly devoid of any acheivement of worth. They are the main target audience of 70% of Hollywood films.
What the hell happenned to this neighborhood? Was there a riot?

Nah, just a herd of fourteen year old boys rolling through on their bikes.

Damn, I forgot the 8th graders get out for summer before the other kids.
by Redhawk23 April 18, 2011
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1. The Land of Lincoln
2.Obamanation (Fuck You Hawaii)
3.The space inbetween Chicago and St. Louis and the eventual battleground in the war between Cubs fans and Cards fans.
4. Home of the most corrupt politicians in the world.
Chicago just needs to severe from Illinois and become its own state, most downstaters treat it like one anyways.
by Redhawk23 December 24, 2008
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a brief-case nuclear device, modified to fit in a womans snatch, to be sef off via remote.
Recently on on South Park, Hillary Clinton was found to have a snuke in her snatch
by Redhawk23 March 30, 2007
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when someone constantly criticizes you for ever little mark and pimple, even if your acne isnt really that bad.
I hate to zitpick but you need to get some proactive for that giant boil on your kneck

Dude theres hardly anything there.

...Yeah you might want to see a dermatologist though
by Redhawk23 August 13, 2010
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