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Anyone with pert, squeezable buttocks, most commonly found in bars or pubs in Plymouth where the term originates.
"DAMN, what an Ibby" *squeeze*
by Junglekid December 03, 2006
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A real hit with the ladies and knows when a girl is down. An Ibby is also very good with words and likes to write stanzas of poetry for his women. He slithers back to his rock after hitting the gash with his mates to do some revision. He's very active and does sports such as football and basketball. (even some parkour), naturally he's the best at everything.
Girl 1: "Did your man call you last night?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, he cheered me up so much. He's a true Ibby!"
by Coldplay-Paras January 11, 2017
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the funniest guy ever. Best friend. the kind of guy that would cheer up/on no mater what. Also never texts u back
by thebithch February 06, 2017
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Any musical instrument (or possibly a major piece of musical equipment, such as an amplifier) bearing the Ibanez brand.

Most commonly used to refer to Ibanez guitars and bass guitars.
I was GASing pretty hard for a Schecter Studio 5-string, but while I was in the store checking out the Schecter I played an Ibby... I fell in love on the spot.
by Bealazar December 28, 2009
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Slang term for an Indian, a Pakistani, or anyone with a towel on their head and a dot on their forehead. This term is probably racist.
Look at that ibby over there they always want free shit.
by Crusybaguette March 17, 2017
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He is a caring and genuine guy with a heart of gold. He is always there for you no matter what and keeps it real with you. Ibby is a one in a million. He is extremely funny and a wind up merchart. Honest & loyal.
Ibby is the best friend anyone could ask for!
by MzAffy July 25, 2018
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