Means "Indian Standard Time." We have or own standard time, because we always show up about 1-2 hours late to everything.
If you're havin a party at 2, expect us to be there around 3:30.

If you want us to be at your party at 2, then tell us it starts at 12.
by Ya Desi June 12, 2004
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if (we're) still talking - used in the sort of super-heated relationship which might flame tomorrow
Person 1 :I just want you to do Monte Carlo with me in May

Person 2 : IST - I don't see we gonna get to Xmas !
by Ich bin August 6, 2009
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Full form : I see typing
Used when you just saw the other person typing but then they cancelled it. Used to force out something the other person is hesitating to say.

to the above mentioned.
He: *typing*

Me: IST what was that about lol
See use: UT ( useless text) : reply
by altairXD December 12, 2016
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(n.) A person who detests any kind of "-ist" (optimist, racist, sexist, feminist etc.). One who hates labeling of groups of people with similar views, interests, etc.
Richard believes that anything labeled under the "-ist" category is less than honorable and overall untrustworthy; he is an ists-ist.
by UWereURUMass December 6, 2010
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German word for 'is'.
Person 1: "Das ist ein Hund."

Person 2: "Why are you speaking German?"
by Bob Gurch August 28, 2004
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ISTG but for Satanists, so it is I Swear to Satan.
Matt: "yo becky, you got a thicccc ass"
Becky: "Matt, ISTS if you ever try to hit on me again I will have Brad punch you in the face."
by Gary the SNAIL is a SOB March 22, 2021
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In today’s America, if you happen to be white and conservative, and if you have the nerve to publicly state an opinion that is contrary to the liberal ~ opinion du jour, you will earn an “ist” title. Racist, sexist, white supremacist, misogynist, chauvinist, extremist, alarmist, egotist, obstructionist, segregationist and antlesbiangaybisexualtransgenderquerrintersexasexualist.
Richard has an opinion that offends me, therefore he is an ist.
by Bluecollar247 October 21, 2017
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