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Means "Indian Standard Time." We have or own standard time, because we always show up about 1-2 hours late to everything.
If you're havin a party at 2, expect us to be there around 3:30.

If you want us to be at your party at 2, then tell us it starts at 12.
by Ya Desi June 12, 2004
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When people use the contraction "It's" which means "It is", Is't can also be a contraction meaning "Is it" which can be used in a question.
"Is't time for lunch yet?" "Is't dick skin on his hands after he jerked the banana?"
by BallsRapist October 30, 2009
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German word for 'is'.
Person 1: "Das ist ein Hund."

Person 2: "Why are you speaking German?"
by Bob Gurch August 28, 2004
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"The International School of Tanganyika" is located in Dar es Salaam,Tanzania and is probably the worst school ever built. It's mostly populated by (in no racist way what so ever) racist Arab guys who like to mess around with people until you hit them back,launching you into what they like to call "beef" with all the other school Arabs. They drive around in their ugly ass rav 4's and tricked out mitsubishi's at night trying to act all gangster. See K-Unit
-Hey dude where do you go to school?
-I.S.T man.
-WHOA. I'm sorrry man.
by B-E-A-N-S-I-E August 10, 2008
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In today’s America, if you happen to be white and conservative, and if you have the nerve to publicly state an opinion that is contrary to the liberal ~ opinion du jour, you will earn an “ist” title. Racist, sexist, white supremacist, misogynist, chauvinist, extremist, alarmist, egotist, obstructionist, segregationist and antlesbiangaybisexualtransgenderquerrintersexasexualist.
Richard has an opinion that offends me, therefore he is an ist.
by Bluecollar247 October 21, 2017
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"ist" is the combination of 'is' and 'it'.

"ist" is similar to, or the mere opposite of, "it's", which is a combination of 'it' and 'is'.
Child: Hey Baby! This looks like a fun game!
Baby: Really? What ist?
by Ice Masta P February 14, 2009
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if (we're) still talking - used in the sort of super-heated relationship which might flame tomorrow
Person 1 :I just want you to do Monte Carlo with me in May

Person 2 : IST - I don't see we gonna get to Xmas !
by Ich bin August 06, 2009
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