A term used on Craigslist to denote a posting in a discussion forum that was so vile, so nasty, so rude, so off-topic, or, simply, so freakin' DUMB that it needed to be removed. Such posts are sent to the "Isle of Misfit Threads" in forum 1047.
"Keep posting here, Staff has Isled your posts...soon you'll be missing a handle!"
by flag helper May 26, 2008
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An early access, high quality multiplayer dinosaur simulation game available on the gaming platform known as steam. The game is said to be nowhere near completion, however it certainly has the quality of a finished game.

With a large variety of creatures to play as, The Isle is mainly centered around its dinosaurs. However, with more creatures to come, players will have a large variety of gameplay to experience.
"Man, have you played The Isle today? I just saw that they've released some new mechanics!"
by ramen child July 20, 2018
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A group of private schools in Massachusetts (The Roxbury Latin School, Thayer Academy, Belmont Hill School, et al.) of which RL is the smallest and most respected.
You go to an ISL school? Hope it's not Nobles.
by brainbrain July 05, 2006
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isles sucks, everyone thinks she's annoying and rude. She makes fun of everything and everyone. She goes to st vincents in yr 8. she is lonely and likes to chase her dog around with a vacuum cleaner. she is animal abuse incarnate. she is like a cloud of pollution and we don't know how to get rid of her. she likes to buy white chocolate cranberry cookies, which is literally so bluh, I can't. her scent is like she has just rolled in her dogs shit. Basketball is for gay people that is why she played it. ALthough then she straightened her hair and she likes man now.
everyone is like:
'isles go away, go get a life, you idiot lowlife, just leave the earth isles, go back to chasing your dog with your vacuum, your so annoying go dig a hole and crawl into it and get buried.'
by highlighterlover123 March 18, 2019
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a line with items on the side such as in a store
"Mom I'll be down this isle to get the toilet paper
by lincon abe March 22, 2016
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An instant messaging acronym meaning "I seriously lol'd."
This came about after lol was becoming over used and needed a more accurate word
"isl" can be used if someone says something that acually did make you laugh out loud
by Zack A September 27, 2005
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A nicname for a city where there are many hoes in that city started in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.
Yo bro u wanna go hook up with some girls in slutty isles.
by Yo boi yung kb Cg December 06, 2016
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