It is similar to the above. But it implies NO laughing. You are simply rolling on the floor.
bobby: you want to go to the go kart track?!
timmy: rotf, no
by eger September 11, 2004
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Chat Abbr., Rolling On The Floor (laughing.) See also ROTFL, ROFL, ROFLMAO, and ROFLMAOWTIME.
That is funny, man! ROTF!
by m2pt5 January 25, 2003
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Text slang for rolling on the floor. Use it for when you find some thing funny instead of using lmao
Jessie: my favorite song is Barbie girl
Me : Rotf
Jessie: what

Me:look it up
by Bingo bang o February 6, 2021
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"rolling on the floor shitting" is derived from ROTFL - "rolling on the floor laughing."
Last night, I apparently drank entirely too many King Cobras and ended up ROTFS.
by fred savage October 20, 2003
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right out the fryer (fryer=vag)
yo i slept at her house and now my dick is rotf
by fryer February 2, 2021
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