Independent Lake Camp in the Poconos in Pennslyvania.

Best place in the world.
The counslors are amazing, the campers are amazing, revival night is amazing.
by ohhhaayy August 5, 2011
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I Love Cum

Typically used when you want to describe your love for "Cum".
Friend : "Hey! What do you love?"
You : "ILC!!!"

Friend : " Wow! You love Cum? Me too!"
by Tartaglia's Clenched Ass March 19, 2022
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Independent Lake Camp.

The most kickass place in the known universe. Exception: The Dungeon.

Run by Dan Gould/Anne Gould/Nigel Watson.
I like to go to ILC!
by Zach G. August 16, 2004
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Short for Independent Lake Camp, in Orson, Pennsylvania. About 550 campers are there each 2 week sesision.
by Zach G. November 15, 2003
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I love Cara...This word is used by a specific boy who is in love with a girl named Cara.
The boy loved her so much he decided to publish it on the internet
Damn bro... ILC so much...
by Joune November 8, 2020
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I love chocolate

An acronym used by chocolate enthusiasts such as myself ever since five seconds before this was written up.
Bob: ily
Bobette: ilc...
Bob: D:
by UnsocialGamer June 26, 2017
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Acronym- I Like Chicken
forum newb~ Hi gusy!

mrlaze~ ILC!

forum regular~ +1
by mrlaze August 16, 2007
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